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DON"T use parking coordinates variables in your (new) categorie.

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I have viewed more then 1500 Dutch WM last 2 weeks because of my goal.

See my forum posting: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=331792


Almost all Dutch WM with posted parking coordinates are wrong because of the BUG.

The WM is in the East and the Parking is in the West.

So putting Park Coordinates is not working to use the variables in your category.

Some Categories use a one line variables to fill in the coordinates. That works perfect.

Grtz John.

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Just an addition to explain. All waymarkers outside the North and West coordinates suffer from this bug that East and South coordinates sometimes (almost always) automatically switch back to N and W.


For the main coordinates of a waymark this can be fixed, but not for additional coordinate fields. They stay wrong and there's nothing you can do about it.

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fi67 thx for your quick reply. :)

It's simple DON'T USE Parking Coordinates in any old (remove the variables) or new Categories.

Then that E/W problem is solved.

Edited by dreamhummie

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I'am now editing the Category Look-Out Towers and stopped with correcting the Parking Coordinates.

I edit some but ...... :mad:

Almost all Park. Coordinates of the Dutch WM are wrong and standing in the West instead of the East.

And this is not the only Category, i have seen so many the last 2 weeks which are using Parking Coordinates.

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