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  1. I just got to review the 18,000th Waymark in the Netherlands. RM: 518175 - De Drie Lelies - Maasland Feel free to congratulate Axel-F with a comment at this waymark. Grtz, John
  2. I had registered on Bookcrossing 3 weeks ago and came across members there, mostly female with nice profile pictures, but today I also came across a fake account in one of my categories on Waymarking. The female ones on Bookcrossing were mostly specialized in troubleshooting Microsoft etc. with strange websites where you could report your problems and they would fix it. Now I come across a male named garyschmidt LINK , with a terrible profile picture, on Waymarking and he has signed up via the JOIN button in one of my dormant categories. I, of course, deleted him right away. He signed up some time ago and it is only now that I am noticing. But I'm sure there are more of these people roaming around Waymarking. So be alert for this kind of practice. Greetings, John.
  3. Please stop with making this stupped category. Whether a driver of the car takes the picture or a passenger you cannot check. Don't make another waymarker with this category to put his life in danger just for a few points on Waymarking.
  4. After my vacation we want to visit Margraten for some Medal of Honor Waymarks. Unfortunately these 7 MoH places in Margraten have already been posted and approved with 1 wikipedia photo. Shame on you Officers. Maybe more investigation if its a own taken picture. Why don't ask 2 if your not trust it. Pictures are coming from Wikipedia, Findagrave etc. Pictures a posted under several (nick) names on these websites. Are you taken pics and posted on these websites with several (nick) names ?? John.
  5. Ik krijg ook mijn profiel niet veranderd. Daar heb ik een mededeling staan dat ik tot 01 juli a.s. op vakantie ben en niet kan reviewen. Ik kan dit NIET veranderen. Al jaren gaat het steeds verder bergafwaarts. Waymarking is nooit geupdated sinds mijn membership vanaf 2005. En problemen op de slechte, b.v. een onbeveiligde http site (dat is so 1980s ? ), duren soms weken voor het wordt opgelost. GS probeert al jaren mensen weg te jagen ipv te behouden. Ik was een waymarker en geen geocacher. Maar zal mijn membership a $30 per september 2019 niet meer verlengen. Ook heb ik bijna alle categorieen waar ik reviewer was verwijderd de laatste weken. Sorry beste vrienden. Groundspeak reviewers kunnen het schijnbaar beter. En doen het ook sneller zonder controle. Misschien wordt het ooit nog eens beter op Waymarking maar dat gaat niet gebeuren, we klagen al jaren op dit forum. De groeten, John. ****************** I also don't get my profile changed. There I have a statement that I am on vacation until 01 July and cannot review. I can NOT change this. For years it has been going further downhill. Waymarking has never been updated since my membership from 2005. And problems on the bad, e.g. an unsecured http website is so 1980s ? , sometimes take weeks to resolve. GS has been trying to scare people away for years instead of keeping them. I was a waymarker and not a geocacher. But will not renew my $ 30 membership as of September 2019. I have also deleted almost all the categories where I was a reviewer in recent weeks. Sorry dear friends. Groundspeak reviewers can apparently do better. And they also do it faster without checking. Maybe it will get better on Waymarking someday but that is not going to happen, we have been complaining on this forum for years. Grtz John. -----
  6. FOR YOUR INFORMATION: -We hebben geconstateerd dat Wikipedia niet als geloofwaardige bron gebruikt kan worden in sommige gevallen. Er zijn genoeg andere betrouwbare bronnen te vinden op internet voor nederlandse Rijksmonumenten. Mocht u er geen kunnen vinden ? neem dan contact op met een van de Officers. -We have found out that Wikipedia cannot be used as a credible source in some cases. There are plenty of other reliable sources on the internet for Dutch Monuments. If you cannot find one ?, please contact one of the Officers.
  7. FOR YOUR INFORMATION: After 2 new (declined by us) waymarks in our category that turned out to be a cross post from non-category waymarks, we changed the posting rules. - Instead of 1 picture, we now require 2 pictures made by yourself. The reason for rejecting and changing our posting rules are: -The pictures of the 2 Rijksmonumenten, originally posted in the non-category waymarks, came from a Dutch database and from wikipedia and have been used in various categories in a cross posting. Thanks for your attention. Grtz, John.
  8. He didn't know it was not there anymore. I only pushed the button EDIT WAYMARK so only a Leader/Officer (or a Admin) would see it and edit/archive it. So thats why I start this topic. Only to ask what to do with MISSING waymarks, not with the intention to delete them immediately. I want to hear your opinion first and, historically, they must stay on Waymarking.
  9. I EDITED 600+ Dutch Waymarks in the last 2 days and gave them a new weblink. (Thats why Waymarking trolls call me vain, lunatic etc etc)
  10. Very good EDIT from BK-Hunters in the Long Description of http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMFZA9_St_Ritas_Catholic_Church_Castlegar_BC_GONE Maybe a new topic "Missing Waymarks needs extra Info in the Long Description" So Officers can ADD it when a owner is sleeping. In that way we keep waymarks up2date.
  11. But I just found out an Officer can't Archive waymarks That;s weird ? And It wasn't Barjon who archived his own waymark, I spook to Barjon.
  12. No province and active on Waymarking With province and ARCHIVED because of 2 visit comments.
  13. I agree with that, so that is why I opened this topic because of something whats happend this week and I thought missing waymarks go to the archive. EDIT: In my search of making Netherlands equal in Country/Region Counts I'am missing 1 in including country/region counts. I found this one last week, pushed the button edit waymark and give it a province. So an Officer get the message to ADD the province. The Officer gave it the province which I was missing in the statistics and archived it immediately and it was a Featured Waymark , gone historical record and also the missing in our Country/Region Counts is gone. Still -1 http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WM10Q7_Parking_lot_Graffiti_Enschede_Netherlands pics are coming up in a moment.
  14. I just find out it won't work. OK your WM is burned down and missing, sorry But I wanna visit real waymarks, not go to a place were is nothing see anymore In that way we keep Waymarking never up2date. My example in the category ANWB Paddenstoelen. I found a missing mushroom and now you only will found a steel waymarker with distance to towns on it. http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WM3X4F_21515_001_Amersfoort or a missing in Remagen http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMR2DC_Telefon_am_Friedhof_Remagen_RLP_Germany My opinion is you can't invite waymarkers to a party without beer
  15. First: Sometimes I see in the visit comments that the waymark is missing, what do you as a Leader/Officer ? Do you archive them immediately or do you contact the owner first before archive the waymark ? Or what action do you take ? It looks if I contact a owner about it, he/she will not archive the waymark. So must I take action without any yes/no discussion and archive them ? I mean archive NOT delete them because of the consequences for the visits/statistics. Second: Can't we open a new topic "MISSING WAYMARKS " ? When I see one and I'am not a Leader/Officer in the specific category, were its in, that we post it with category name and waymark code in the new topic ? So other Leader/officers come in action to archive them ! ( A lot of questionmarks and a typo in the header, I'll tell you before trolls start to PM me about it. ) Thx & Grtz, John.
  16. I have a loss of 179 icons sofar. Even the latest new categories are missing Tried to look at the latest new waymarks.
  17. SPOOKY I have lost 1814 waymarks in my postings and got a Groundspeak emailaddress Fortunately, after a few minutes, they returned.
  18. And ......... they are gone But he has goal "A Photo A Day" and a nice Homepage with a special part about Geocaching http://aphotoortwoaday.blogspot.nl/search/label/geocaching
  19. Hi dtrebilc. Indeed while reviewing WMs in the same category you get the message if there is already one in a beam of a few hundred meters. Maybe the reviewer didn't notice it. One time that can happen, but twice must be noticeable during reviewing. I always review with Google Earth and the Waymarking KML. That is a very helpfull tool. I do not know these bug, I will try it tomorrow. Only to test of course Grtz John.
  20. Update: I contact the waymarker who posted them and ask him NOT to remove them so you can look at this problem.
  21. GREAT, I will post it in Military Installations too. When I was on vacation in RLP last month. I stood on top of the Bismarck tower in Landstuhl, speaking a German. He often looks with his binoculars at Airbase Ramstein and told me that there will be huge upgrades in the coming months. Lots of big hangars for more planes and even hospitals. Perhaps because of the threatening attitude in the world against the USA. Grtz & Thx John.
  22. Surfing on Waymarking I found 1 waymark twice posted in the same category. I thought it was protected to post it in the same category with the same name and coordinats. It happens me a few times, making a bunch of WMs for 1 category and it never worked for me. And I didn't contact the waymarker yet who accidentally posted them so a developer can look if its a BUG. Waymark Code: WMVHGP Date Posted: 4/21/2017 9:32:18 AM http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMVHGP and 4 seconds later so it must be a BUG Waymark Code: WMVHGQ Date Posted: 4/21/2017 9:32:22 AM http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMVHGQ The same with the Waymark: WMVHGH and WMVHGG Thx & grtz John.
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