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"Romantic" caching in Copenhagen

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I have a bit of a special request. Next week I'll go with my wife for a long weekend in Copenhagen. This is my first trip to Denmark as a geocacher, and having already cached in 20 countries .. Denmark HAS TO be my 21st.


Now, as mentioned I'm going with my wife, without kids and she's NOT a geocacher. So, I hope you start to get the picture. I may be "allowed" to cache "a bit", but they must be easy ones (she doesn't quite enjoy when I spend 15 min trying to grab a magnetic nano under a bench in a busy street) and in a nice area (btw, we"ll be staying close to Amalienborg, but of course walking up and down the center of the city).


So .. any hints are more than welcome!!

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Well, I've not cached on Copenhagen, but there does appear to be a cache right by Noma. Now, I'd say a table booked there might be quite romantic! A touch on the expensive side but very nice (if you can get a table) - http://coord.info/GC2CA71


Tivoli is nice for sure - and quite romantic at the right time I'd say. And there's a cache by the Little Mermaid as well - http://coord.info/GCR5F6

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Back from my "romantic" weekend in CPH. The weather was fantastic, the city really nice, the restaurants amazing, and the caches ... pretty cool. A shame than the one in "Amalienborg" seems missing, but we found a few easy in nice areas: Little Mermaid, Tivoli, Rosenborg Castle, Botanic Gardens, Nyhaven... definitely a very good caching destination as well !! :D

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