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I recently tried downloading the Geocaching app to my android tablet and it stated that the app wasn't compatitable. Are there certain types of tablets that the app will work on?

Do you have a popular tablet? In a similar thread, "Locus" was suggested as an alternative (there's a free version). See if that works. I didn't like it, but I don't care for the Geocaching "apps" all that much, so what do I know. ;)


The play store uses a compatibility list, and some devices aren't supported. But things change with software updates.

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Is there anyway I can put an app on my new Amazon Fire HDX with 4G?


The Geocaching apps rely on Google Play Services for a number of things (maps, gps, push notifications, etc). Google Play Services isn't available on Amazon tablets, so the app won't install or run properly, if at all. There are ways to get Play Services onto Amazon tablets, but it involves some try-at-your-own-risk software, and/or potentially warranty-voiding hacks.

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