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Help on buying a handheld GPS

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I was looking at the Garmin Oregon 600 vs the Garmin GPSMAP 64ST. I am an avid mountain biker/hiker/snowshoer and just getting into geocaching. I go in the mountains a lot with thick tree cover or really deep parts of the forest. So, as you can see... I am trying to buy the best one for me. I like the touchscreen part of the Oregon but the 64 has better reception. Plus, since I am biking or snowshoeing, I don't think a glass screen would be the best option. Just looking for an overall beast of a GPS unit. Please let me know your thoughts. Much love!

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I have used my 60CSx on my mountain bike with good results and have seen other cyclists post that the have used the 62/64 series while riding and like them. The Oregon 6xx has a big, beautiful screen but the touch screen can be troublesome to operate while bumping along on the bike.


I have both an Oregon 600 and a GPSMap 64s. I have had too much trouble with the Oregon freezing up and also giving me so-so accuracy. I'm much happier with the 64s but have to admit I haven't used it on my bike yet.

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