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NEED HELP, issues with a troublesome cacher in our area

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Sooo...why didn't the city or this other cacher contact the CO of these other caches and explain their issue with him/her? They knew the caches were there, they didn't want them placed there and rather than contact the person who placed the caches without permission, they sat on their hands until you approached them with an idea for an event? Something doesn't add up.

The OP explained that in the first post:


...the city wanted me to find out what to do, before they contact Groundspeak...

The city apparently isn't very aware of how things work with geocaching.com, and they want to find out more before they act in what they think may be a knee-jerk type reaction that could have unintended consequences. I applaud them for that.


Honestly, I'm seeing a lot of off-the-wall suggestions, assumptions, and accusations that could be easily cleared up if you read the OP's posts again carefully. AFAICT, they've done a very good job of explaining the situation and most of your (the collective "you") questions are already answered there.


I'm a bit baffled about some of the posts in here saying that the city can't do anything about this other CO's caches. They absolutely can. It doesn't matter if there's a written policy or not. If a land manager contacts Groundspeak asking for caches X, Y, and Z to be archived because permission wasn't granted, say goodbye to caches X, Y, and Z. Do you seriously think that if someone hid a cache on your own property without permission and you contacted Groundspeak to get them to archive it, they would say "No, you can't make us"?


My suggestion to spankybrandonf is this:

First step is to email the CO (I see you've already done this). If you don't get a response or they just blow you off, talk to the city rep and advise them that they should attempt to contact the CO and explain that they require permission for their hides on city property, preferably quoting a city policy that covers geocache permission on city property. If the city doesn't get a response or they also get blown off, then the city should contact Groundspeak about the matter. If the city doesn't currently have a geocaching policy, you should advise them that they should draft one, make sure it's publicly visible on a website, and that the local reviewers be made aware of it.


Thank you, and basically what you said is what I have done after the nice people including yourself replied, and your right people kept replying with off-the-wall replies that had already been answered, or quoted things that weren't said, and as of little while ago I was even receiving emails thru my profile, making threats and being rude. so in a few, this thread will be closed.

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Locking thread. It makes me sad if anyone has threatened another cacher.


It seems like this has degraded and some are not playing well. A reminder to everyone to be nice and cordial, even to people you do not agree with, or share a different opinion.

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