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New map option

Sol seaker

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I would really love to see a new map option added, that is to be able to mark caches on the map.


The idea would be to click on the cache icon, perhaps right-click, and then mark that cache in red (or something).


This way I could take a look at the map of my area and see all the caches that I would like to do next.


Perhaps the ability to mark them in two colors would allow me to mark, say in blue, caches that I've DNF'ed.


I could open up my geocaching map and be able to see at a glance, the caches I'd like to do next and the ones I've DNF'ed.



That would be incredibly awesome.


Thank you for considering this idea.

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I would really love to see a new map option added, that is to be able to mark caches on the map.

The Official App has a feature like that. You can "checkmark" a waypoint (cache or other waypoint), and its icon is highlighted on the map. This could be used for designating stages found, or the next stage to try, or whatever system one wishes. It would be especially cool if this selection propagated to the cacher's map on the web site.

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The Official App has a feature like that.

Which Official App? I just checked the iPhone version, and it doesn't have such a feature.

It's in the Android demo. Maybe only there. It's a "checkmark". But it only changes the map icon for waypoints, not caches. I tried it just now. The icon in the list does change, so you can see which caches or waypoints you've checkmarked. I can't find any of that in the paid Android App, although I'd swear I selected/deselected waypoints in a previous discussion about what the "checkmarks" are for.


And, nope, I see nothing like it in the iPhone App. I sometimes forget that the Apps are all completely different from each other. :anibad:


Whatever special marking method is used in the Suggestion, it definitely should be selectable on the map directly. The "checkmark" as it currently functions (on the App where it functions at all) is kind of cumbersome.

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Yes it would be good to get some function like that on the cachers map.


I'd love to be able to mark caches I want to find, like there's a challenge nearby I keep forgetting to find that I've qualified for, for a few years.


Also I could mark puzzle caches that I've solved, so when I look at the map I can just go get them. I keep finding puzzles I've solved but haven't found (I put my solutions in the "notes" box).


If I could mark all these I could keep up on the puzzles that I solve. I know a woman who has a file drawer filled with the puzzles she's solved. It would be really nice for her to just look at the map to know which sheets to pull out of her files.


Also, I could mark events I plan on going to, multi's that look really interesting, traditionals with high favorite points, etc.

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