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Switch to Map Page on 64s, Get Compass Page Instead


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Today I was out doing some cold weather caching (~24F) and had a strange thing happen several times. I would select a new cache on the 64s's Geocache page, then hit the page button to cycle it through to the Map page. Instead of the Map, the Compass page showed up. I figured I did it wrong and cycled through to the Map page again and got the Compass page again. So I went to another page (like Geocache or Compass) stopped long enough to open it, then cycled on to the Map page and it opened properly.


This happened several times this afternoon. Now that I'm home (and warm) it's behaving. Anyone run into this before?

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Forkeye: You da Man! I fooled around with all kinds of pages last night and knew the menu key was the way to get to secret stuff. I never tried that combination though. That worked for me and without the ribbon my page problem will probably be solved. I'm not sure what the purpose of the ribbon is unless it's just some eye candy to show the page name.

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The ribbon page is not eye candy, it allows you to quickly scroll to any screen/page, forward or backward. I like using it. I think you would find it more useful if you have more screen/pages to scroll through as it makes shifting to the screen you want faster than going through each screen. Set the delay to fast, slow delay seems too slow.

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<<...it allows you to quickly scroll to any screen/page, forward or backward.>>


I can understand that. I'll try it again when the weather warms up. As is, the 64s is pretty fast getting from page to page without the ribbon (with the exception of the Geocache page) and also goes backward though them with the Exit key. I keep five pages up front - Geocache, Compass, Map, Main and Satellite.

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