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  1. Was M6YAO, passed intermediate on 2/11/15 and am now 2E0PCP. Now on to study advanced for a full UK licence.
  2. I use eneloops and a maha c9000 charger. Charges a set of cells very quickly.
  3. M6YAO using a Yaesu Vx8-de whilst caching
  4. Soldering in a new part or sourcing a replacement connector shouldn't be too difficult, find a local ham radio operator or radio repair shop I'm sure that they could sort the problem.
  5. I believe selecting classic profile will do it.
  6. Using the map with the radiuses marked, from here, it's pretty clear my site is covered In that case then I would go with the multi suggestion.
  7. Who measured the distance and how? If you used a gps there may be an error of more than 5m. If it's only 5m I would be inclined to submit the cache and see what the reviewer says if you think the location deserves a cache.
  8. 550 series and 600 series showing found cache different. If you want the 600 to show found cache, they will be displayed on the map and in the list of cache. The 550 can show the found cache just on the map. Thank you for that. I will have to remember this if I ever have to change my oregon.
  9. On my 550t when I find a cache i log the attempt as found on the unit and this then displays the open chest icon and removes the cache from my list. Is your workflow the same? I will have a look on my unit to see if there is a setting for this.
  10. The hcx version which is my back up gps does, I thought the cx did as well though I may well be wrong. Look to see if you have the following under set up,map and then the letter i which is in a circle.
  11. Once you have the map loaded don't forget to select it from the set up menu or it will not show
  12. As gitchee gummee says both files from the unzipped pq must be placed in the folder named garmin/gpx on the sd card. If the folder does not exist you must create it.
  13. Agreed on clearing all of the existing caches. In the last line of the OP's post he said that he had loaded caches before with no problems.
  14. Just started studying for the foundation licence. Cheltenham UK.
  15. Living and working in the countryside what I do with blackthorn is to get a needle and sterilise it in a flame, then using the magnifier on my silva compass dig around until it is removed. Much more painful to leave a fragment in place. It's always the tip that breaks off.
  16. I had a similar problem with my 550t, I sorted mine out by setting it to use normal gps only, I turned off waas, and then it was like using a different unit. Search forum for do you use waas or egnos. I also updated firmware to latest available but I am convinced that turning off waas is the way to go. However I am in uk ymmv. Try it, you have nothing to lose, I would try the gps setting first before firmware, it's easy to downgrade if it doesn't make a difference. I know people will say leave waas on but for me it really does make a difference with it switched off.
  17. If you simply don't want to see caches you have found you could always log caches as you find them on the unit and have a filter active on the unit that only displays unfound caches. I use a 550t but its possible that your unit operates in a similar fashion. Also if you are using a mac remember to empty the trash or they will not be deleted.
  18. I have heard of people having problems with the sd card cover coming loose and unseating the card,solution is to place a small piece of tape over the cover. Then when batteries are changed the cover stays in place.
  19. Eneloops, remember to select battery type in settings. And a decent charger / analyser.
  20. If sd card is fitted remove it and try to boot unit. Common issue.
  21. Hi triforce, I know that you are in the USA but have a look at Talkytoaster, it's a UK site but there are instructions for installing maps. Once you have loaded the map you must enable it in settings on the oregon in order to see it.
  22. Agree with kunarion re the sd card or bad file. Did this behaviour start after downloading a cache or installing a map? Remove the sd card and then start the unit, if ok it will be the card or a file on it. If it wont start with card removed connect it to a pc, back up your files and either do a reset or install the firmware again. Work through eliminating possibilities and then once it starts you can find out what caused the problem.
  23. Try using it with gps set to normal only. No waas or glonass. There is a discussion on here, do you use waas, egnos, in which I found my 550t to be poor compared to a vista hcx but it has improved significantly since switching to basic gps only. I am in UK though, try it you have nothing to lose.
  24. As your Montana runs on AA cells I think it is most likely to be the li-ion battery at fault. There is documented evidence, montana wiki, that the battery contacts have disintegrated when used in environments where vibration was an issue. Yes you can buy replacement battery packs, easily available on line As it runs on AA's could you not purchase some Eneloop cells and a decent charger, maha for instance. Simply carry some spares and change the battery setting on the montana.
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