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Kid Carriers


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Ok...I'm looking for a backpack that I can carry my 9 onth old son in when I go caching. I've used a Kelty Kids pack before that my brother-in-law lent me, but it's a few years old and Kelty has changed their models since then. Currently, I'm leaning towards the Kelty BackCountry or Summit. I would love to hear what others have used and any advice on carriers.

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I have a Kelty Ridgeline which I really like a lot. I use it for my 2 year old son ... he is a small 2 year old but still approaching 30 lbs. The pack itself is 7lbs 11oz. I find this pack very comfortable but reducing weight would be advantageous. I also tried the Summit, which has a slightly larger cargo pack and more padded hib belt. I didn't find either necessary for the additional $100 and extra pound.


The cover to go over their head is a nice addition especially if you are going off-trail in the woods ... as is quite likely when geocaching. It will keep branches of trees from whacking the little one.


You might also want to look at the REI carriers. I have tried one since the purchase of my Kelty and found it quite nice ... and several pounds lighter! And I personally like the kick stand of the REI better.


The Kelty kickstand is tied to the shoulder straps. When you put tighten down your shoulder straps the kickstand folds in automatically. This is really nice. However, it means that when you are ready to set the carrier down you have to remove the shoulder straps before the kickstand will come out ... this makes solo removal a little tricky as you can't stabalize the pack easily (like on the edge of a picnic table/tailgate/rock) before safely removing your arms. It can be done ... just takes a some acrobatics and practice.





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Had the same problem with the kickstand. Tried to put it down on picnic table and almost dumped my boy on his head.


BTW, my son is about 25 pounds at 9 months and last time I used the pack he tried to fall asleep but kept waking up because there wasn't enough padding to put his head on.

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I just had an older kiddie carrier, but I stopped using it a few months after he turned a year old, because he's too darn heavy! Not to mention that he gets sick of being in there for to long. I just started going on short caches that he can walk most of..


I don't know where you are located but a Cabela's just opened up in Hamburg, PA they have anything the discerning outdoorsman or woman could want- AND you can actually try on the baby carriers before you buy them.


The newer varieties are probably more comfortable, but you can't do much about the fact there will be over 25 pounds of weight on you back(who will probably be shifting the whole of her weight from oneside of your back to another!!


Just think about it- I bought an expensive bike trailer and my son refuses to go in it, he wants to ride his own bike-even though his feet don't even touch the pedals yet!


Thats kids for you-gotta love them! :)



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