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initialization gpx error

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I have an astro 320, which is based on the garmin 62. I used to use waypoint manager and easy gps to save my waypoints and stuff, then basecamp came out.


Anyway, my problem is with both basecamp and easy gps. I keep getting an error when these programs try to access my gps. It will import the data, but it always first gives me a message that says


The Receive from GPS command could not be completed. An error occurred while receiving data from your Garmin Astro 320.

An error occurred when reading saved GPX data from your Garmin Astro 320.

This XML file contains one or more errors.



It also gives this error code:

Additional Error Information:

Unknown error 0xC00CE504

Error Code -1072896764


I seem to remember there is a gpx file that is on the newer garmins (my first ones were the older garmin that did not store data the same way) that you must rename or it will become overwritten and you will not be able to use your gps. I'm not sure if this is why I'm getting the error or not.


It's been awhile since I've messed around with them, I have the SE topo map installed from gpsfiledepot.com.


Is this something I need to concern myself with? I used to be able to manage my waypoints better before basecamp came along. I have sets of data from different places I hike and hunt, being able to organize them is kind of important.


What is the "initialization gpx"?

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I did some experimenting. The file was there, so I moved it to the computer desktop. I disconnected the gps and it worked fine. So I plugged it back into the computer again and it did not recognize it. Uh Oh.


So I put the file on the card and put the card back into the unit and it recognized it again. Whew.


I was perusing all my gpx files and found a different initialization file from another date, a smaller one. I swapped those two out and I don't get the error.


I have 2 astro's. I wonder if the initialization files are unit specific and I swapped them at one time.


Anyway, I guess it's fixed. It's weird though, when I was able to open the file, all it contained was a few waypoints I created at one time or another. I have my units so they both pretty much have the same waypoints. That way me and someone else can be at the same property and see the same things while tracking the dogs. I wonder if that's how it got copied.


It's all just a guess to me. So far all I know is that I need the file for the computer to recognize it, and they are more than just the waypoints, I deleted those in my gps, I don't really need them anymore.


I still need to plug in my other unit and see if I get any errors.


It seems like the unit would be able to create an initialization file if one is deleted. I am unsure of it's function.

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Another thing I occasionally do is consolidate my gpx files. Apparently a new one is made every day you make waypoints. This leads to a bunch of separate gpx files in the gpx folder.


I go into a program like easy gps, import all the waypoints and save them. Then I delete all the waypoints on the unit and load them again as one gpx file.


Is this something I should or should not do? It's kind of the only way I can organize my waypoints into nice little location files. That way I can use a name more than once. I might have a "bridge" at one park, and another "bridge" at a hunting location. I have separate gpx files for each thing and load them as I need them.

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I'd be curious to see one of your initialization files, but attachments are an issue here in this area of the board. A *.zip of one that was perhaps corrupt and causing some issues would interesting to look at.


There's no reason you should not consolidate multiple days of *.gpx files together, but having said that, I would think they'd normally be on your PC, segregated by geographic area, with 'regions' assembled with Easy GPS and ready for use at some later date. If I understand what you're saying, you're then returning the entire larger *.gpx file to the Astro for storage? I don't understand the reason for that. It certainly can create some much longer boot times if the files get quite large, but I'd only keep *.gpx files relevant to the area of interest on the unit at any given time. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your use model for the Astro 320. How many waypoints are we really talking about here?


If it is a great many points, one might consider storing them as Garmin POI (vs. *.gpx waypoints) as a different approach.

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