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2014 Earth Turtle Project

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Getting ready to open up the Earth Turtle Project.


Project is now live and can be purchased. Project will close November 9th - Saturday. All artwork coloring will be due that day also. Artwork being sent to the factory that night.

For those of you who are not on Facebook, I'm posting information here for you. The preferred method of conversation will be FB. There will be a special group opened for purposes of this group. All information and color charts will be available to you there.


I have MustangJoni in charge of this group. She will be the person who will be in charge of answering most questions, organizing artwork and handling most emails.


Contact email for the project will be: 2014etproject@gmail.com (Joni and myself will both have access to it).


Here are some guidelines:


20 coins (you can not order extras, trying to keep this project simple for now). Glow and Glitter will be an extra charge of $0.20 per coin.


Link to add a glow/glitter to your coin: http://www.tsunrisebey.com/collections/geocoins/products/earth-turtle-project-glow-or-glitter-addition


Earth Turtle Guidelines:

1. 4 colors maximum per side.

2. You can only use 1 glow color (must be the same on both sides).

3. You can only use 2 glitter colors (must be the same on both sides).

4. No glow and glitter combinations (you either use glitter or glow).

5. You must choose a metal: Gold or Nickel plating. Your trackable tags will match.

6. Color combinations created are first come, first served. If you create a color combination that is the same as someone else's, you will need to change your metal or change a color to make it different.

7. All 20 turtles must be the same color combination.

8. If you are splitting your order with someone, the full order will be shipped to the person who paid for the order. No split shipping.

9. US shipping: All orders have mandatory insurance.

10: International shipping: I can combine orders to one address.

11. We will address questions as they come up.


Link for US purchases: http://www.tsunrisebey.com/collections/geocoins/products/baby-earth-turtle-project-us-purchase


Link for International purchases: http://www.tsunrisebey.com/collections/geocoins/products/copy-of-baby-earth-turtle-project-international-purchase


I work full time and currently and prepping for a trade show, so my time is limited right now.


If you have questions, you can post them here or FB. All questions will be answered as time allows. This is my first group project so please be patient while we work through possible issues that I did not anticipate.


***I'll update this thread later this evening.



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The project has been opened up and you can purchase the project on my website, links above. If you are on FB, make sure you include "paid" on the Tsunrisebey Geocoins page so we can get you in the group for all people participating in the project.


If you are not on FB and need help, please email 2014etproject@gmail.com and we'll answer questions to help you.




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I've decided to close this project a bit earlier than I anticipated. We have a nice sized group right now. I will not be around Friday or Saturday due to a show I am in so figured I'd make life a bit easier on myself. I will not be accepting any more group members as of Friday morning before I leave for work. Sunday I'll be prepping all artwork to go to the mint.


You have Wed/Thurs and Friday very early to get joined up and then we're off to the turtle races.


Thanks all.


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