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Bug - all LAB caches Completed - but only 9/10 "found"

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I would like to ask for solution of a bug, reported by one of the visitors of our MEGA event.

User TODELA successfully completed all 10 LAB caches, however the count in his profile shows only 9/10 "found".

He is unable to complete missing one again, because he completed it already. It is not a browser issue.


Here is his list of completions:






Thank you for any suggestion!



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Hi Rikitan - this usually happens when a player deletes a Lab Cache find (usually on accident). Once a Lab Cache is deleted it cannot be re-logged. I can look more closely and follow-up. Thanks!

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There is now a way to check for deleted Lab Cache logs! Follow the steps below:


1. Log into geocaching.com

2. Go to your Public Profile (geocaching.com/profile)

3. Click the tab "geocaches"

4. Click on Lab Caches underneath Geocaches Found


5. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the link "Show Deleted Logs" (this link will not appear if you haven't deleted any logs)


6. Scroll up and down your list to find the deleted logs and then select the ones you want un-deleted

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