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Visiting LT (mainly Vilnius), 2014-09-17/23

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I am visiting a friend in Vilnius on the above dates, and will be doing as much Geocaching as possible (he and his gf are not cachers - yet :). We will also probably go to Riga for a day or two but I am less certain of the itinerary.


I will probably be staying near Vilnius city centre, just over the river on Lvovo g., and am wondering if anyone can recommend any caches in the Vilnius area that are suitable (that is, big enough and safe enough) for leaving travelbugs in. Ideally ones that are not too hard to find, as I don't want to lug them home again.


Cheers + many thanks


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I'd like to visit Vilnus too (in the middle of 2015 I'll have a few months free). Do you have any bookmark lists of caches with listings in English? I'm mostly interested in multis, with traditionals I can normally cope without listing :)




I mainly went for traditionals and noticed that a majority of the ones in Vilnius, including all three of my finds, seemed to have an alternative description in English. Two of the three caches I found in Vilnius were definitely off the usual tourist track and even the third one outside of the Europa Centre, being north of the river but still only 15 minutes' walk from Gediminas St, is not in a tourist district. Descriptions in English seem to be more common than ones in Polish or Russian (languages which people in VLN may know due to ethnic reasons or having been taught it in school, respectively).


Puzzle caches seem very popular in this part of the world and I noticed many of them have a description in English. Perhaps the same is also true of Multis.




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