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Is it any faster?

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Some month or two back Groundspeak was down for better part of a day for a system upgrade "the big one", as some lackey said. To increase performance. I hadn't noticed much lag, excepting Sunday afternoons, when response time was terrible.


But I'm not finding it faster on Sundays and at any other time I finding Geocaching maps are very slow to populate with icons. Slower than before the "upgrade"


Anyone else noticing the same effect?

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I've noticed more often at various times of the day I drag the map and there can be up to a minute before icons populate. This is not observed only on my home connection (which is the very essence of speed), but at ... cough ... shifty.gifwork.


Prior to the upgrade the only times I noticed this was Sunday afternoons, Pacific Time (UTC−08:00) when I assume a great many cachers are logging their finds of the weekend.

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I agree with my local friends. When I try to look at the map I see a big grid with small page icons in the corner. Then after awhile the grid disappears and the cache icons finally show up. And still have the problem of trying to click on the icons. Sometimes they come up quick, sometimes it shows and disappears quickly or sometimes I keep clicking and nothing happens.

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Jellis - I think some of that is reduced functionality of Google Maps (read: Improvements) I noticed the problem of trying to click on the icon and getting nothing (which seems specifically associated with the ONE icon you want to click on, others actually work) Zoom in, zoom out and you still can't get the blasted icon to give you the cache balloon with link to page. I pretty sure Google did that during one of their revisions.


Looking at the New (and unimproved) Google Maps, I cringe in fear. They are the essence of S-U-C-K. There's a culture of "Let's Jump The Shark" at Google (but not exclusive to them, by any means.)

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