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Pretoria Geo Art

Carbon Hunter

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Well this could take some time! Nice initiative but since all are mystery caches and the 5 listings I looked at are not to be found at the given coordinates the whole art thing is bit arbitrary.


But well done on the effort that has gone in to this!


Making an art work with caches placed at the actual locations would be a harder challenge - perhaps the Pretoria cachers could make an attempt after they have rested from this effort.


Lots of puzzles to keep cachers busy on a rainy day!


I hope there is a suitable prize or commendation for the first cacher to complete the entire series (who can honestly say they solved all the puzzles and found all their caches on their own!!)


Oh and heres a link to the first in the series so you can find it easier on google maps http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC4XV8J_pretoria-geoart-p01-music-for-your-soal - it took me a while - also it would be better to download the coordinates and plot them properly - I just used the live view in google earth which does not accurately plot the coords so the art work did not look as good as it should!


Even better - here is a screenshot of the art the way it should be seen



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Congratulations to all the Pretoria geocachers and Orosman and Gornat from Jhb who also helped in making it a reality! A big thanks must go to HeinG who initiated and lead the whole project! I heard about the series back in January and have been eagerly awaiting the publication date. Unfortunately I'm overseas at the moment visiting family but I'm working on solving them all. I've solved 7 and have a long way to go!


What is also really great about this series is that the puzzles are very diverse and aren't all straightforward. I saw some geoart in Australia which were all Sudoku puzzles :blink:.


I hope this new Geoart trend encourages cachers to find and place puzzle caches as they are my favourite cache type :lol:


It is very difficult to place the caches at the actual coordinates as then you would need a large expanse of empty land with unrestricted access.

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Here's an example of Geoart in the Nevada Desert which are all traditional caches!


Hi,let's collect Geo-Art! Here is already a great collection on Pinterest Geo-Art I'm totally sure that there are other great Geo-Arts out there. If you can, provide some infos about the Geo-Art.dac9edfc0c5ca08618b94166104cfee5.jpgEagle001-GC4QY49 - Eagle650-GC4Y3ED - The Eagle Geoart by Team SageBrushers"The eagle represents honesty, truth, majesty, strength, courage, wisdom, power and freedom. As they roam the sky, they are believed to have a special connection to God. Soaring as he does high in the sky, the Eagle lives on the tops of Majestic Mountain amid the beauty of nature. He has unlimited freedom. He is free to sweep down among the trees below and grace us with his presence, or soar high into the boundless sky above leaving us in awe of his grandeur. Our 35th president put it well when he said, “The fierce beauty and proud independence of this great bird aptly symbolize the strength and freedom of America, and we shall have failed a trust if we allow the eagle to disappear.”Thanks to the many Geocachers from Nevada, California, and Idaho for their cooperative effort in helping this Geoart to become a reality.Things to remember:* This Geoart is here by permission - Please respect the land.* This is the desert; home to many animals. Please take care of it.* Carry out what you take in, don’t leave anything behind.* Make sure you have plenty of water and snacks.* Don't rely on good cell phone coverage." Taken from the listing

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