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Garmin alternate basemaps

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I made a newbie mistake last week while loading and deleting maps on my eTrex 20 - deleted gmapbmap.img from the device.


Sent Garmin support an email asking how to get a replacement, waiting on reply. In the meantime, I've downloaded a road map of Oregon from here and I'm getting by with that alone.


No big problem for now but I'm curious if abyine has replaced their basemap with anything other than the stock Garmin one and if they've foudn to to be advatntageous.

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Just reviving this with a funny note on how I resolved the problem.


A couple years ago, I "downsized" my computer collection and have been using JUST a tablet. But this past week I decided to buy a computer again, a new Macbook Pro. When I was setting it up, it helpfully offered to transfer settings, apps, and data from a backup on our TimeCapsule - the backup of my last computer, from November 2012.


To my surprise, in my Documents folder I found a disk image I pulled from my eTrex 20 when I first bought it, and I can extract the basemap from that.


Now if only I had a time machine that could help my find all the other things I've lost over the years. My keys, some of my hair, etc...

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