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Vsiting Reykjavik -

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I will be in Reykjavik for two nights, and I am looking for suggestions for places to eat (midday and evening meals). My two daughters can be selective when it come sto food, so nothing to extreme (I will try almost anything, though!). Restaurants with a wide selection of food would be good.


I saw Restaurant Reykjavik, and was wondering if it was worth going to. The buffet sounds wonderful.


Thank you!


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I have no special restaurants to recommend. But there are a lot to choose from an Laugavegur, Bankastræti, Austurstræti and around Ingolfstorg.


I have eaten at Tapas bar on Austurstræti and at Shalimar on Austurstræti and both had good food.

And I have also been to Prikið I remember now, and the fish I had was there was good.

There used to be an vegetarian restaurant to that I visited every time I was in Reykjavik. Unfortunately Á Næstu Grösum on Klapparstígur was closed when I was there in september 2013.


Restaurant Reykjavik have I also visited once, and the fish buffet was nothing that impressed me. Expensive and rather dull food. But I was there 2 years ago, so the menu can have changed.


Or you can just walk along and enter any places that looks nice, and see what they offer.

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