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How can I enter coordinates ?

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I´ve got the iPhone Intro app since couple of days, so far tested it with two beginner traditionals and it works fine. Now I did a mystery and want to enter the coordinates I calculated - can anyone tell me how to do this ? Thanks a lot !

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I don't think you can enter coordinates with the Intro app. It is only designed to whet your appetite for Geocaching and it doesn't have all the features needed to really "do" Geocaching.


If you decide to purchase the full app ($10), make sure you DO NOT attempt to "upgrade" from within the app itself. This only upgrades you to Premium membership on Geocaching.com but it does NOT get you the app (there's been a lot of confusion about that lately). Go to the App Store and purchase it there.


If you do get the app, while navigating to a cache, in Map view, tap the little button in the upper right corner, with the three dots on it. That will bring up the Additional Waypoints function.

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I call the Intro-app a "teaser". Like a sale item in a store... it is meant to "get you in the door".


It is designed to give somebody a taste of geocaching. Nothing more nor anything less.

Its function is not as a full-service app.


If you want to do it all... you need to purchase the full app. As stated, do not upgrade from within the app -- purchase it from iTunes.

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