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Cell Phone Photos

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Although there are times when I want to carry my DSLR or the smaller 20x digital point and shoot, I often find myself with just my phone. Over the years, an increasing amount of the photos on my caching logs are done with the iphone - and with iphoneography becoming recognized as an art form, why not? So I thought it would be fun to have a thread for caching photos taken with your cellphone. Show the world that photography can be more than selfies.


I began taking photos with my old 3Gs, one of the first near Geocache #15 at an open space reserve in my area:




Then I discovered Hipstamatic and took this while urban caching near Pier 70:




But these days, I use the phone to capture almost anything. I began to use a long exposure app to take another sunset picture at Otters and Sea Lions:




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I've never really liked the photos my phone takes. The image quality isn't that great...but my backpack (with my camera and lenses) weighs enough that sometimes it's easier to leave it behind. And then I take photo's with my phone that I really wish I had brought my Olympus along for...


Some recent photos:

The first two are some of the surrounding landscape for the RockMonkey Bait cache near Mt. Charleston, outside of Las Vegas, NV.






The photo below was from this past Sunday after finding the Old Giants cache.




And finally, this is near The Broom Hole cache, not far from Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.



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if I plan a geocaching trip I take my good camera with me and use my cell phone only for calls.

Spontaneous activities sometimes get captured with my poor cell phone camera.

Some examples:









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I have a burner phone. It doesn't take pictures. I'm cursed to haul my 40D everywhere I go. :ph34r::laughing:

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My cellphone will take pictures, but we've never figured out how to get them out of the phone and onto another format. Several people have tried, but it don't work. My brother is always uploading his pic.s and my niece does too, but neither of them can get mine to upload. :blink:


One of these days I guess I will have to go to the local Verizon store and ask. :P

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I climbed up 460 steps to the top of an old ski hill in Michigan last week to find a couple of caches, and would not have wanted the extra weight of a large camera. I think the phone did just fine, and I like the panoramic option.





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I love those panoramas that the cell phones and newer point and shoots will make right on the spot. My husband loves them and makes a lot of panoramas. It made things take longer when we were road tripping through national parks last fall. He made a lot of panoramas. :laughing:

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As much as I like shooting with my DSLR there are times when it's not practical to lug it around. So a year or two ago I ran across this Canon P&S, it's a great little camera 12.1 megapixel, X20 optical zoom, stabilized lens, with all of the controls you would ever need both manual and auto settings. As a bonus with the size card I have in it, it will shoot about an hour of HD video. It was a little pricey but was worth it. It's almost like having a miniature DSLR. I just wish they wouldn't have done away with the viewfinder.

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That was really strange. I searched for the cache. On the way I noticed that the police made some traffic controls.

After searching a few minutes I heared voices behind me. I bolted and made this pictures a few meters away.


This is the "Police is checking your urine" loaction :yikes:


I logged a DNF after this story. :laughing:

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