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Problems with Pocket Queries


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I'm trying to run a Pocket Queries in Google Chrome. I have ticket the box for Thursday since the server says it's Thursday where it is located. I've submitted the PQ and now I'm waiting for it to become available for download. I've refreshed the PQ webpage several times and still no PQ. When I look at the list of all my PQ the one I want to download have a green marker on Thursday. All my other PQ doesn't have any (since I don't want they to run at the moment).


I've also tried to run this PQ in Internet Explorer to see if that would help. But no luck there either. Does anyone else have this problem?

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I haven't had that problem, other than occasionally things being a bit slow.


Here's the Groundspeak page on running pocket queries: http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=118


Did you try leaving the the day unchecked and running the PQ, then previewing it to make sure it's what you want? That will at least tell you if it worked, and if the problem is with a missed ticky box that messed something up or a different problem. (Sorry, I edited that after I read your post again and saw you'd run lots of PQs before. Clearly not new to doing those.)

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It appears that there was a problem with the odd number pocket queries running today. It has been restarted and you should receive it soon if you haven't already. If this happens again it's a good idea to check the bug reports and feature suggestions portion of the forums.

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