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Upgrading to premium

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I updated to premium this morning and now the intro app doesn't work properly

I only updated as it was apparently so much better and it said I needed to to see details of caches that are further away - now it doesnt even let me see their location on the map let along details.


It also doesn't let me see the one that I was planning on going to later but I can see that it is still there according to the website.


I feel cheated as it is trying to force me to spend more money and buy the upgraded app and it is not delivering things that it has promised!


Is there anyway that I can get my money back and go back to being a regular member just so my free app will work?

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Upgrading to Premium does nothing for Intro-app users, as you well noticed. I was unaware that it causes the Intro-app to go into disarray. Sorry that it happened to you.


The Intro-app is limited in scope and selects "beginner"-only caches -- that is why upgrading Membership is not of assistance.


I dunno if GS will refund the PM fee. You need to contact them directly http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=request .


EDIT TO ADD: Another little quirk of the Intro-app is that it (supposedly) does not select a previously shown cache the next time it is activated. Presumably, it selects a new set of three caches during a twenty-four hour period.

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