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As many geocachers we like to use the "nearby caches" part of the GC site and the "Map This Location" feature. As normal your owned caches show up as star icons, unfound caches show up as cache icons, and found caches show up as smiley faces. BUT we have an issue... we are the proud owners of quite a few caches from cache owners who are no longer able to maintain their hides for medical reason, family reasons or moved out of the area and asked us to adopt them which we proudly did. For all "legal" purposes we're now the "owners" of these hides that we have "found". When you map the caches on the GC site, these show up as smiley faces, not as stars. It appears that the "found" status trumps the "owned by" status but we're thinking it should be the other way around. Regardless of having found a cache or own a cache they are caches that you won't be searching for. But to us it's much more important to look at the GC site map and see the caches we "own" than the ones we've "found".


Is there any way to have the "owned" attribute of a cache trump the "found" attribute rather than the other way around on the GC site mapping feature? :unsure:



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I don't use an Android app, but thanks for the reply. I'm on a Windows 7 desktop. Also, these are adopted caches. I don't log a find on caches I place, but that is in another thread.


I'm talking about adopted caches. I have two caches I found very early on then adopted when the CO moved away.


Anyway, I brought up the Android app because I thought such a thing could be useful on the website map. Guess I just needed to actually draw the line connecting those dots...

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