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publication of a cache - delay date

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In this topic I would like to make some suggestions to implement in the GS site. I think that would be very helpful and greatly facilitate in the publication of caches. If not the best place for this topic, excuse me, and change it to another place.


Would be useful in certain situations have a cache published on a specific date.


I propose on the creation form of cache would be created an optional field with the local date and time for automatic activation after revision course would be a reasonable minimum time similar to what exists with the events . Several hypotheses can ocorer


1 ) a cache is reviewed before date : the system automatically activates at the date and time desired

2 ) the cache is revised after the date and time you want : the system automatically activates it immediately , or an other criteria.


This would relieve some work due to the reviewers that the volume of caches can escape them some that should be actively making the process easier.


topic open in portugues here http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=321190

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We can always ask the reviewer not to publish it until a certain date in the reviewer notes. That's what that section is for-to communicate with the reviewer.


And I'm sure they already have an automated system of some sort. I can think of at least 6 times when 100 caches or more came out almost at the same time. I don't htink the reviewer was sitting at the computer pressing the button that fast.

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