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  1. 1. Icons on zoomed-out map are too small. 2. Icons on zoomed-in map are very, very similar to google POI icons (and blend in at some other, more colourful maps). 3. Where is actually the cache? Formerly, there was a tip at which the cache was located. Now, it is somewhere in the circle - but where? I mean I do not know where is the centre of the circle - e.g. at which side of the street... 4. How to recognize PM-only caches? 5. How to recognize disabled "found" caches?
  2. It is still impossible to search for CITO events (and "ordinary" events) only (both of them appear in "Event" category).
  3. How is it with challenge caches? The 1-year moratorium is close to its end and there is still no information... Since a day of possible publishing is near and the questionnaire was shut down in December (therefore you have collected all necessary data), you should be at least aware whether they will be allowed (and conditions are being adjusted) or not (and nobody wastes time to think new challenges).
  4. Ad Markdown: I cannot start a line with a date, e.g. 3. února (= 3rd February) - it changes into 1. února (1st February). According to this, you think most geocachers format their logs and most of them use auto-numbering of paragraphs. Otherwise, I cannot understand why you keep this function. According to me it should be optional whether I want to have my log formatted or no. Ad log design: I do not like it. Too much white (= unused) space, logs blend together (reading tens of them) without distinguish colours, the "strange green" (you probably do not like the word 'ugly') hurts my eyes (above its visual unattractiveness) because it is too sharp together with those white spaces. Simply I think that at least PMs should have option to choose their pattern of website (as you see, maybe two patterns could be enough = light x sharp) as well as to choose whether they want their logs to be formatted or not.
  5. #3235 That´s how I start a log, sometimes I add *** for a word from hint or simply to "cover" a dirty word, etc. Does it mean my logs will get formated in the future? Even though I do not want them to be? (As an owner I read logs primarily in e-mail and therefore consider both UBB and HTML for a horrible way to express "delight" over the cache - tags everywhere, text nowhere. Hence this could be an improvement. Yet I hope there will be an option NOT to have the log formated. And old logs should be at least partly automatically transferred - url, colours, bold, and italics shall be easy...)
  6. That gives me 262 results - just a tiny part of them are CITO events (about 10 or 15)... Btw, I probably found a BUG with location: if I put in a country, it gives back all events + CITO if I put in a town, it gives back events only (and no CITOs, although there is one within the given radius)
  7. I am looking for all CITO events in the Czech republic - but the new search engine does not have the option for "CITO". Please, how do I search them up?
  8. 1. Full agreement with niximor - why is the headline so huge?! 2. There were two small icons for log-out/settings - you have replaced it with a much bigger square. Now I have to click one more time - therefore why aren´t there more options in the table? I would welcome e.g. "(your) caches", "your PQ" etc. I hope that at least the broad bands of green & white will be merged. It looks strange, especially with background colours/images used in the listings...
  9. Thanks, Keystone - that´s it. I hope they´ll fix it. btw: Windows 7 32b; Firefox 34.0.5
  10. Thank you for the answers. Ad 1) "Editing geocache" window. I want to change the "Date Placed" - there was 1.9.2014. After clicking on calendar and choosing "28.12.2014", the date changes into "28.Dec.2014". Then I clicked on "Submit changes", but it gave me following note: "You do not have a valid Date Placed." The problem is I have to type the date manually (28.12.2014) and the calendar is useless. It´s probably a bug...
  11. a) I wanted to change the "date placed". Although my date format is e.g. 28.12.2014 (for today), it automatically filled 28.Dec.2014 - and wanted me to correct the date... So I had to manually change the date... Quite annoying. (BTW, I would welcome to see in the heading, when the cache was published - not when it was placed...) Why do I have to fill the "reviewer´s note" though I am not about to publish it right now? And one more question: Why do I have to log into this forum separately, when I´ve been logged into geocaching.com? I would understand, if they were two accounts with different passwords (e.g).
  12. Superfluous - as written above, you can always ask your local reviewer for such a kindness. But a similar suggestion: What about reaplacing "Hidden" date in cache description with "Published"?
  13. There is allegedly a to-do list that comprises many of potential changes. Could you make it public, e.g. in a form of questionnaire? You would get some feed-back what is more/less desirable ... and I (hopefully as well as many others) would get familiar with the "product" before extending my premium membership
  14. Thanks (also for the "souvenir" upgrade). Just regarding the zooming functionality - could you make it possible to filter while zooming further out? Is there a reason that it doesn´t work? There are naturally many other small wishes (possibility to download my own caches before publication, to order caches according the FP-percentage, some communication of intended changes etc.), but a bird in the hands is still worth two in the bush
  15. Thank you for responses The cache I´m creating has 6 stages + final. It is quite annoying to type all the waypoints manually (a week ago I lost a mobile-phone incl. all waypoints...); it wouldn´t be a problem if it were one cache only, but my future caches will have similar number of stages... "Double-check" = I should call it "many-times-check", I repeatedly visit the place and perfect coordinates since the cache is located in a forest and signal is not very good. I really do not know what "by-passes" you (Isonzo Karst) ment, still o.k. there might be a problem. But I created this topic as a suggestion for Groundspeak as well: it might be another feature for premium members... It would help many people, mainly those who perform events - they could supply participants with GPX of caches that just had been published, etc.
  16. Hello, I really would like to double-check the coordinates of my multi-cache as well as how the listing looks on mobile-phone display etc, but it is impossible to download the listing into my mobile phone!!! I really would like to be able to download MY cache listings... This problem was noted here some time ago, but no one from GS reacted... Please, if you knew some quick method how to download the listing of an unpublished geocache without using GSAK, share your knowledge... Thanks, Joe
  17. The only things you changed were language preferences - and logbook hasn´t been working. Are you magicians? There must´ve been some more changes, mustn´t? Btw, when are you to implement the new design of cache-page? It works at www.geocaching.com/geocache/GCxxxx but doesn´t work at the regular page - quite ambiguous...
  18. Sorry for not specifying my "question". I mentioned it regarding the new cache-page design. Overall, I like it and get used to it quickly, the calendar at log-page is handy The only thing I miss now is the "stop watching" button - I have to manage it in my complete watchlist, which is quite long... So take it as a suggestion.
  19. Pls, where is the "Remove from my watchlist" button?
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