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Premium features in Intro App

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Hi gang,


I'm new here, and I'm wondering if I should've just done more homework first. I downloaded the intro app, then got all excited and was on my computer and signed up for the premium account from there. I figured that would mean I could get premium features on my iPhone app. Is the ONLY way to get premium features on my iPhone by buying the $9.99 app? Does that app require a premium membership or is it fully functional when you download it even if you don't have a premium membership? I'm wondering if I needed to shell out the 9.99 for 3 months of membership at all if the app works fine on it's own.


Any input appreciated,


Dan P.

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With the intro app, I think the only premium feature is that you can see premium member only caches. You will still only be able to see do 3 caches per day, and the app picks which caches. That means there will be caches you never see on the app.


The $10 paid app will work just fine without a premium membership-but since you bought the membership already you don't have to worry about it. I'd say get the $10 app. Actually I say get a GPS, but the app works good, and is great for unplanned caching. Going for lunch? Check the app for a cache. On a road trip? Check the app at every rest stop.

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