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Copenhagen Caretaker Wanted

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Let me introduce myself, my name is Scott and I've been caching on and off for the past couple of years, but really started to get into it in the past 6 months or so, along with my boyfriend.


I've never placed a cache before and well I've made a little bit of a n00b mistake - I wanted to place a cache on my first holiday with my boyfriend and didn't think about the maintenance. We wanted to place a cache and some trackables on our first holiday. We've place some trackable LEGO® Bricks engraved with our names on. The idea being they'd move independently around the world and we'd go to retrieve and reunite them one day. So we've placed the cache and placed the trackables in it and went to submit it, but the volunteer reviewer brought up the fact we wouldn't be able to regularly maintain it from 660 miles away. The romantic in me really wants this cache to become live so our trackables can start their journey.


The cache is located just off Strøget, so pretty central and the container itself is fairly moisture proof, it's an old baking soda container, designed to ensure that the baking soda doesn't get damp, so I don't imagine moisture ingress will be too much of an issue.


So is there a kind person out there that wouldn't mind adopting the cache and maintaining it for us?


Hope you can help!


Best wishes,


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Hey Scott,


I can see, that no one has replied to your post yet. If you have received help with your project in another way, let me know, then I won't do any further. But if you still need help, I want to offer you my assistance. I live in Copenhagen and could adopt your cache or at least bring the TB's into the wild again. You can contact me through geocaching.com (my username is mr-petersen).


Kind regards,



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