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Jeep TB phantom mass-discoverer?


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I have recently noticed a cacher has been somehow mysteriously & virtually mass-discovering a ton of Jeep TBs lately. Check out his "Trackables" list in his profile, as he has 504 Yellow, 351 White, 298 Green, and 298 Red Jeep Travel Bugs discovered! That's 1451 Jeep Travel Bugs all together! How the hell??? I am just wondering is this a very well-known issue about Jeep TBs? Is there a list that is circulating out there on the net that he has? Or, has he decoded the TB numbers, or what???


In any case, must be a sad lad doing so. Just like logging a cache you haven't found. Total lack of 'geo-etiquette', and completely missing commonsense. Is it fun at all 'faking' your own experiences? And for what reason?


I really don't get it...

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This cacher has also participated in a number of mega events. People will have books of geocoins, and hand out sheets with the tracking numbers. I know of a local cacher that has an inordinate number of Jeep Geocoins in his collection, and was a member of the local Jeep and 4-wheeler groups. Maybe some thing similar in his case, he attended a number of events where there are a number of Jeep aficionados that are also geocachers.

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