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CITO wthiout event

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Hi friends


I just have an idea, I live in Ecuador where the geocahing is not widely known, so I can't read about a CITO event close to my location, and when I go to caching try to collect a lot of thrash as I can.


My idea is create a photo gallery for who make CITO by yourself, and to the future make a souvenir (if it's possible), look at maybe amount collected or another point. :blink:


I just begun caching on this year, I'm new on this topics.




Vivo en Ecuador donde el geocaching aun no es muy conocido, y no he podido encontrar algun evento CITO cerca a mi localización, cuando hago caching trato de colectar toda la basura que me es posible.


Mi idea es crear una galeria de fotos para quienes hacemos CITO, y posiblemente en el futuro se podria hacer un souvenir, (si es posible), considerando la cantidad colectada o algun otro aspecto.


He conmensado a hacer caching en este año y soy nuevo en estos asuntos.

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CITO (Cache In, Trash Out) was started as just a name for a mode of conduct suggested to players to help the environment while they are out in the areas they cache in. In the early days it simply was a small container (film containers) that had a few trash bags or something to grab a couple soda cans or other trash on the way out from finding the cache.


Later, events with the specific idea of cleaning a certain area popped up. You can host a CITO event and it does or doesn't have to have others attending. Because Ecuador is a bit unpopulated by other geocachers it could be just you (or whoever creates and hosts a CITO event). This would enable those to gain a unique "icon" under the events category.


There is a souvenir for attending a CITO on April 26 & 27, 2014 (http://blog.geocaching.com/2014/01/announcing-the-2014-cito-weekend-and-souvenir/). If none exist in your area, that is a perfect time to host/start one. You just have to make sure you create one two weeks before that date (I suggest as soon as possible so you can get help from a reviewer on any requirements for hosting/publishing an event).


I don't think there would be any reward for a souvenir or other bit based on quantity collected because that would be too hard for geocaching staff and such to track.


A photo gallery is a good idea, especially for a "before & after" situation. It could be as simple as posting the pictures here on the forum, but you could also post the pictures to the CITO event page, create a flickr, facebook or other social media account (like the one popular in Ecuador, but I forgot the name) and host the pictures there. Pictures really do help the story. And do not be afraid to call the local media outlet (newspaper, TV station, etc.) to have them out to the event and get more publicity.


Hope this helps you.

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Thanks you theweatherwarrior for yours ideas, that make me think on CITO event can I will hosts, so there are a maker madness event on 28 march, very close to my location and I will attend and talk with some reviewers and another geocachers to orgainze an CITO event as soon as posible.

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