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***Central Ohio*** Time to Get Counted!

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Here's the deal:


Toward the end of August (Let's just say for now, August 24th, mostly because it avoids Crew games!) you and I and a whole lot of others will be finding our ways to a site to be disseminated via an Event Cache. At that location, entertainment, merriment, and other cool things will occur to everyone's delight.


Several things are needed, however. I have posted an informational web site at www.benbash.com/co-geo.htm. What I need from everyone in the next two weeks, though is who might be coming. Toddlers? Elderly? Teenie-Boppers? X-Gens? We all go about finding these things all the time, but we have no idea who else is really doing this. So, email me, Bjorn74, at ben@benbash.com and let me know the following:


Number in group attending (Probably)

Age of Oldest (Age Range will do, like Terrible Two's)

Age of Youngest (Again Range will work, like Septagenarian)

What part of the area would you be coming from? (Bexley, Hilliard, Olde Town, Vancouver?)


Thanks for your time. I can't wait to see you all in a month or so.




PS- Tell anyone you know. Leave notes in Logs and stuff. Let's make this big! icon_razz.gif

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I have two interested parties, thus far. Is there no interest or are people waiting for the cache to appear?


I should warn you that the event cache will be a multi-cache. This gives me a chance to set up the coordinates for the gathering the day of the event and not have to reserve a place. The first cache will be at the entrance to the final location. No cross-town puzzles or anything.


[This message was edited by Bjorn74 on July 28, 2002 at 08:19 PM.]

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I posted the event tonight. I got lucky and got a wiring gig up in Mt Vernon this week and left my GPS up there on Monday and didn't get to retrieve it until today. Anyway, you should see it shortly.




August 24th, 1pm

N 39 52.723

W 82 54.136


Central Ohio Summer Event Cache Page

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well, the event's tomorrow (well, it's nearly friday as i write this). The weather buzzards seem to be backing off on the bad weather forecast, so hopefully it will be good weather, and it will be good meeting you COGs.


This NEOcacher is looking forward to making it there (and prolly stopping to hit a few caches along I-71 on the way south...




See y'all Saturday!


"You will kneel before her in her altar in the trees" - Tara MacLean, Let Her Feel The Rain

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