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Green Bay to Iron Mountain

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Hello Wisconsin,


Next month we will driving through Wisconsin and as always would love to stop off at a few caches along the way and am looking for suggestions. Most likely time for us to stop would be anywhere on the stretch between Green Bay and Iron Mountain (Highway 141). Generally I would like to keep them simple and quick, but if there is something exceptional then we could be convinced to make a detour. NOTE We will be coming up from Chicago via Milwaukee but I am thinking that might be a little early to stop, but again if there are any great caches between Mil. and Green Bay, please do tell!)


Thank you in advance



To be worn out is to be renewed.

- Lao-tzu

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Just did a trip ourselves from Chicago Burbs to Green Bay. We did about 19 caches in all. Had a few favorites to share with you, but it seems the email function on this site is down. So here are a few links to the pages of our favorite caches out that way.










Fugowee (Laura and Pete)

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