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Long Time No Cache


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I can't believe it was over 10 years ago when I first signed up to Geocache. I haven't done it in a few years and had taken time in between other times of not doing it. Figured, I might as well give it another go. Wondering how many names on the forum that I will remember or those who will remember me. I know I've spent a good amount of time on them back then.


Say hi if you remember me.

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I don't remember you but I am kind in the same boat. I hadn't found a cache in 7(!) years until a couple months ago when I had the idea to introduce my daughter to it while on a hike. Years ago my GPS broke, then I got married, had kids... just got busy.


An overall difference I have noticed is a preference towards easy quick caches and less people seem to be finding the 'good' ones where you may have to hike a bit, but are rewarded with a good quality cache/location.


Another thing I've noticed is that it seems like the travelbug thing has fallen apart. LOTS of caches (here at least) falsely show they contain TBs. I wonder if the problem with the TB's is someone with an iphone downloading the GC app, finding a few caches, keeping a TB as a souvenir along the way without ever knowing the rules, and then forgetting about geocaching altogether a few weeks later.


We have enjoyed getting back into it and while a lot has changed, some good, some bad, it's still more of less the same and a lot of fun!

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welcome back,

it dont matter if you find 100 caches pr day or 100 days between a find,

as long as you do exactly what makes YOU happy,

not me or anyone else, and specially NOT the stats.


The last few years alot of caches came out,

so you find most likely your area is now full of caches,

go and find a few of them,

also the search and sort tools got better,

so you find it easier to select and uptimize your time,

so you spend as much time possible, on cache types you like the most.

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