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Problems with an etrex 10

Charlie Dale
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Hello, I am new to geochaing and have bought my son a an Etrex 10 for Christmas and have been setting it up for him. I have logged on and tried to download local caches for him but have failed at every attempt.


I have downloaded the garmin plugin (I think...) on to my laptop but when I connect the device, check the left box and click the download icon, I get a message which shows tabs for other devices including Delorme, Garmin, Rand McNaly etc. The tab seems to be stuck on the Delorme device and I cant click on the Garmin one (though I thought I had already downloaded the plugin...)


Am I doing something really wrong or is it like this for every one?


Thanks in advance

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Click on "tools" and scroll down and highlite "compatibilty view settings". Add geocaching.com to the list and you'll be able to install the communicator plug-in. At first, I incorrectly added "Groundspeak.com" (this forum's site address) and the plug-in didn't work, so make sure you're in the geocaching.com site. The new eTrex series are terrific, have fun!

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WOW! thanks IN VINO VERITAS, I've had the same problem with IE for about a month now. I also had Groundspeak in the compatibility view sites, and not geocaching, it never dawned on me. I've been using google that whole time, but just to load caches in my gps, just added geocaching to the list and it works again.

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