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Nice Nature-Caching in Sweden?

don rauti

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last year we walkded through the söderasen and found some caches.

it was a great adventure.


i like to know, if there are some more "naturschutzgebiete" where we can walk through the nature and find some caches in a row?

we like ways, where we can go to our tentplave in the evenning, so it should take not mor the 5 hours.

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There are 2 great caching series at Svedbergakulla nature reserve, which you can do in a day.

"Kanske en hint": http://coord.info/GC49F0W

"Vad menas?": http://coord.info/GC3RRAM


Not forgetting all the caches placed at the Skåne 2010 event in the Kronoskogen in Ängelholm (you can pitch your tent at Råbocka camping) Do a 20km radius pocket query from this cache to pick up all the caches in the area: http://coord.info/GCVK1Z )


And of course all the caches at Kullaberg are a wonderful challenge and will keep you occupied for a good few days :)

There's also a camping site nearby there too if you don't want to camp out in the woods themselves.

Viel Glück!


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