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Sourland Cache found sitting in the open


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I was hiking with the kids today at Sourland and found a cache sitting in the open. There was nothing in the cache to identify it. Its a small blue tupperware type container with a red moon face sticker taped to the lid. The box was full of kids stuff and a log book. The first log was by DNJG Adventure, the rest of the logs were lacking much in the way of names that were really trackable. There were only a few logs, I suspect its either a new cache or one that was recently restocked. The last log was from a 3 year old, obviously in Mom's handwriting. I suspect someone found it and carried it down with them then left it sitting on the big rock at the trail head.


It looked like it might have been hidden under that rock, so I stuck it under the rock and attempted to conceal it. It is currently under the big rock at the trailhead as you come out of the parking lot and head towards the pipeline, around the pond. Its right at the corner of the pond where you can head straight up the trail or bear left to go around the pond.


Ive been reading through logs and looking at the Sourland caches to see if I could figure it out but can't based on the lack of details on the cache.


I was trying to keep up with the kids or I would have snapped a couple pics. Send me a message if you need more info and think it might be yours.



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