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Upcoming free online course on geospatial technology


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Looks neat! I may give it a go.

Penn State's World Campus offers degrees in GIS. During a non-planned job hiatus I took two of them, thinking I might change careers, but I stopped when a job in my field popped up. The online courses were very good and well run. The Coursera course is run by a World Campus GIS instructor so it should be well done.

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Just a reminder that this class has now started. So far it's perfectly understandable by laypeople! The instructor is emphasizing how important maps are in our everyday lives. There's a video that was produced by WPSU-TV called "The Geospatial Revolution" that has interviews with people from ESRI, the U.S. Space Command, Google, and many other mapping agencies. Part of the video explains how a grassroots open-source mapping area helped people after the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Good stuff.


p.s. I just discovered that the Royal Museums Greenwich are doing a whole series of exhibits and events from now until 2015 to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Longitude Act:


The Longitude Season


There's everything from a steampunk exhibit to planetarium shows to lectures and much more. Boy, I wish I could get to London this year!

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