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Trackable etiquette

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Newbie seeks advice on trackable etiquette. Probably stupid questions. Have bought a couple of travel bugs and want to start them off on their journey. Have searched through forums and faqs but cannot find the answer to:

CAn I start a new trackable off in any cache I think suitable? or does it have to start out in my own cache? Should I ask permission from cache owner?

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Start it anywhere you like! :)


Usually it's a cache close to 'home' or it could be one of your own (if you have one).


Nothing to say you can't travel to a far away cache and start the trackable's journey from there.

(Interesting to see how many miles it takes to 'get home' if that's it's mission!)


Ask permission of the cache owner? Trackables are 'part of caching' so permission is already there!


You can even start the trackable from a cache you've previously visited, log a Note rather than another Found It log.

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I have to admit, it is a stupid question once you know the answer, but since you didn't know the answer when you asked, then it wasn't stupid of you to ask.


The only thing I want to add, since I see this come up from time to time, is to remember to actually log the TB into the cache you put it in. I've run into a few TBs now where the owner put it in the cache and thought that was the end of it, so when I found it, I had to log it into the cache where I found it to get it to start its trip correctly. If it's your cache, you can drop it with a Owner Maintenance log, since surely you checked that the cache was OK when you dropped the TB. If it's a cache you've previously found and are revisiting, you can drop it with a Note.

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I would also add.


Make sure you've activated the trackable!

Plenty of stories from cachers having found an unactivated traveller in a cache, and wondering what to do next!



Don't send out anything of any sentimental value...

Expect it to go missing at some point. Hopefully later, rather than sooner.


Post a photo of it on the TB page, DON'T show the tracking number, and that should stop it being replaced with another item. (At least for a little while)

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As KazumiSun says, trackables are fun but got get too upset if/when it goes missing. I dropped 3 into a cache in the US, 2 that I had kept for a while while I travelled and a new one I was just putting into its first cache. The two older TBs got picked up and logged but don't appear to have been moved on, the new one has not been heard of since.

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