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500.000 Commemorative Coin Bank

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I think the coin made for celebrating the 500.000 waymarks is special. I am looking forward to show it to everyone who cares to see it. At the same time I love to tell others about this wonderfull thing called Waymarking. Inspired by the Waymarking seekers category I wrote a quick and rough category draft. It is not like most other categories, I know that, but maybe it could be worth a try anyway.


Please respond with anything that gets into your mind when you read this. First I want to figure out if this is an idea worth working on. If it is, then this would be the start of the work towards perhaps a peer review.


Thanks for joining in on thes thread.


500.000 Commemorative Coin Bank


In september 2013 waymark no. 500.000 was posted. To mark this milestone a limited edition 500.000 Waymarks Commemorative Geocoin were released by Groundspeak in only 400 copies. This Waymark Category is for recording those 400 geocoins.


Expanded Description:

The purpose of this category can be divided into three separate sections.


Waymarking can be a lonely and virtual hobby. By creating waymarks which calls for meeting like-minded people new contacts and knowledge for the benefit of all involved.


Waymarks in the form of Geocoins can be a good way to promote Waymarking in company with geocachers.


Finally, the objective of this category is to create a map showing where in the world the 400 coins have found a home. Some of the coins may be traveling coins, and due to that fact the map will never be 100% accurate. We believe however that the majority of coins will be collectors items, and have a stationary location.


Instructions for Posting a 500.000 Commemorative Coin Bank Waymark:

To post a waymark in this category you MUST own a 500.000 Waymarks Commemorative Geocoin.


Coordinates must be at the owners home, or, if privacy require so, within reasonable distance. If the coin is permanently located at another location, please state so and use the coordinates referring to that location.


The coin must be clearly visible in the default waymark photo. However, the tracking number of the coin must be hidden or blurred. A readable tracking number will automatically result in a declined waymark.


Include information or instructions in the long description on how a coin visit can be arranged in order to “visit” your waymark.


Naming Convention: TB number - Coin Name - City/State or Country

An example: TB62M7Z - 500,000 Waymarks Commemorative Coin LE - Randers, Denmark

There are no exceptions to the naming convention.


Language Note: We recognize Waymarking as a global hobby and welcome waymarks from all countries. Because of our international scope, we also acknowledge ENGLISH as our lingua franca. English will create the highest level of accessibility globally. We encourage bilingual and multilingual waymarks, but one of the languages must be English.


Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:

To visit a waymark in this category you must discover one of the 400 available coins.


For a traveling coin, that means you have to locate and find the coin at its current location. In that case please tell where you found the coin in your log.


Visiting a non-traveling coin would in most cases mean you have to arrange a meeting with the coin owner.


Please provide an original picture of the coin and some original words regarding your discovery of the coin. Remember to hide or blur the tracking number in your photo.



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We are making some pins (there is a thread here in the forum). For that we rewrite the "Sticker Seeker" category. Perhaps we can include also the Waymarking coin in some way. (Sticker, pin or coin, also possible are all three ;) )


This would be a good addition to that category!

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