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Wherigo hides

Team Dromomania

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A Wherigo cache page has this quote, "***** Note****** You will have to go into the cache zone to get the unlock code before you can claim this as a find here. If you do not upload your saved file or enter the unlock code at the Wherigo website---YOU CAN NOT CLAIM THIS AS A FIND!!!"


I never pay any attention to those codes and only visit Wherigo.com for the cartridge. Since this is a physical hide with a log sheet to sign per the description can't I log a find without all that extra work?

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I put the following on the cache page of the Wherigos I own:


"If you are successful, you will be given a completion code which will allow you to mark the game complete on Wherigo.com ("unlock" is the terminology used). This step is optional as far as this geocache goes - if you find the cache, log a find."


I did that as once a concerned finder wasn't sure if they could log it or not.

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My Wherigo clearly states that you do not have to log that you completed the cartridge to log a find. My assumption is that there would be groups who find the cache sharing one Wherigo device and I wanted to make sure that everyone could get the find on the caches even if they did not have a Wherigo device. The Wherigo site does allow you to share someone else's completion code for this situation, but I felt that it was unnecessary to make people figure out how to do this step.


I am a bit surprised at Jayme's response. When the ALR guideline was added, Miss Jenn indicated that Wherigo caches were exempted like Challenge Caches. If Groundspeak has now made a change to remove the exemption for Whereig caches, this was not well publicized.

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When the ALR guideline was added, Miss Jenn indicated that Wherigo caches were exempted like Challenge Caches


Toz, I believe you're one of 4 people in the world who might recall that ;-)


I think that when those forum statements were made, MissJenn was mislead or confused about what a completion code was/did.


In the meantime, the Logging of all Physical caches section of the guidelines makes no mention of ALR exceptions for Wherigo completion codes, while it does reference an exception for, "challenge tasks have been met and documented".

That's the publicizing.

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