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Can I see who follows my cache?


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Any other suggestions maybe?

You could make a Note log, "Will everyone following this cache, please let me know who you are" (then delete the log). Post your actual email, and ask them to use that (PM doesn't work so well).


Make a nice little signature coin. You may get some replies if your Note log says "You get a special coin for following this cache". :anicute:

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That is a nice suggestion, I'll consider the signature coin 😃. I can now see the number of followers, but not who is following, but like that I can maybe find it out. Would be nice, same as who gave you a favourite point, if one can see the details of followers too.


Thanks for the reply and suggestions!

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Hi all,


A simple question: can I see who is following my caches? I have a few caches that are followed by some people and I like to know who is interested in my caches. Do you know if this is possible and if yes, how?


Thanks in advance,



If you want to find out who has your caches on their watchlist, the answer is "no", like it's been for years. This is brought up often in the forums, and the previous threads can be found by using the search function. In those threads, you will find the various reasons people put caches on their watchlist.


Help Center → My Account → More Site Functionality



3.14. Watchlist Identity


How can I tell who is watching my geocache?


For privacy reasons we cannot reveal the names of the watchers of your geocache. Sorry.


If you like, post a note on the geocache page requesting the watchers reveal themselves. Since they are watching the geocache, they will all receive your request by email.


An "audit log" is a completely different animal.


Help Center → Premium Membership → Benefits



1.7. Audit Log


An Audit Log is a list of users who have viewed a Premium Member Only Geocache on the web site. The geocache owner can use the Audit Log to see a detailed list that shows these data:


Last Visit

First Visit




The geocache owner can find a link to "[read the audit log]" at the top of his or her Premium Member Only Geocache, just above the geocache coordinates.




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