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Oregon 550t Mapping Error

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I'm up in the Alaskan Arctic and a long way from home (Scotland). I've been using my Oregon 550t for the past week in Canada and Seattle, then Alaska with no problems.


Yesterday and today I've been heading up the Dalton Highway; the few caches up here are on the map but I've not had the opportunity to find more than one, so hope to get some on the way south again.


10 miles short of Prudhoe Bay, I glanced at my GPS and with bemusement noticed that it's showing that I'm somewhere off the coast of Nigeria (some 7700 miles away!). These appear to be the complete 0 co-ordinates of the equator and the Greenwich Meridian.


I've reset the GPS, I've changed the batteries, I've a couple of times got it so the pointer is where I actually am (and the compass display confirms I'm at 70 degrees north), but it seems always to revert to Nigeria and/or have a long direct line down there.


It's driving me nuts and I have only a few hours' internet connection (and slowly at that) to get it solved before the drive back down.


Can anyone help please?



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I gave it a hard reset before reading the last log and it's worked, although I don't know yet whether I've lost the notes I do "in the field" as I'm still not home yet. I guess time will tell but it won't be the end of the world (unlike where I was!) because I've already logged the finds and trackables and therefore can just create new notes if need be. It's not like I've done a huge amount of caching.


Many thanks. I'll try to remember the advice should it ever happen again, but hope it behaves itself from now on.



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