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Question about Metro in Athens and suitable geocaches


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Next month I'll be visiting Athens on a short business trip and would like to log a few caches in this extremely important city throughout our history. I'm not hunting nubers and rather spend time around a few good caches than hunting as many as possible while in Athens. I'll be staying close to the Metro-station Syntagma but don't know anything about getting around in Athens. Is there any "good" caches within walking distance (1-2 km) worth visiting. Is the metro system easy to use? In that case are there other good caches reachable via metro? Is there any day or week passes and do they allow travel to and from the airport? I'll be visiting Athens 22nd to 24th September but will probably only be able to geocache on the afternoon / evening of the 22nd.


I hope someone is kind and answers some of my questions.

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Hi there ! To answer your questions the best I can:

There are Metro tickets which you can buy from automatic machines of the airport just before entering the metro stairs. Be careful since there are two different ticket machine kind. One is for Metro "subway" and the other called "Peripheriakos" and it is a train that goes for some time on the same tracks but not in the stations you are going to visit.

This year as a promotional movement, they have issued a 20 euro ticket of three days free movement from airport and back, covering multi stops at any metro station all the times. I believe is a good deal for you and you can find it at the airport Metro ticket office.

=924&no_cache=1"]Stasy ticket link

As of the caches you can find around there are some but depends on the time you can spend walking or moving by bus. If this is your first time in Athens then my proposal could be the following caches( probably other fellows will choose something better! but since you don't have any others you are stuck with mine!!)


TB Hotel Acropolis Athens II GCX1AK

Loumbardiaris GCX1AK

Philopapou GC2NDF9 (The best view of Acropolis , but tricky to find)

Areios pagos GC24FFP (An interesting view and Earth cache)

Olympian Gods: Athena GC2Y58Q (If you want a puzzle also!)

Technopolis - Gazi GC2136F

Kerameikos GC1B0VD

Odeion Athinon - Athens Conservatoire GC2FZ6K

Lycabetus Top GC17MNZ (this one is a must and can be done if you read carefully Logs and spoiler.You can visit it at any time and you will probably have the best Athens view at night. But it is a little off-metro.)

I could suggest to check the favorite stars of each one by checking the premium ratio of them before you make your plans. There other caches around but some have problems or have small "time to find" windows with muggles most of the time around. So I didn't include them for that reasons in this list.

I hope I helped you somehow ! Enjoy your stay and happy Geocaching :)

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There is aldo a number o nice caches near the port of Piraeus.


Ancient roman block, volleyball piece and friendship stadium, piraeus archeological museum, gate 6 etc.


Finally, if you have time, there is a very intresting series of caches created for our CITO event, northwest of Athens in a beautiful park. Nature and clever hides all in the green and lakes.


Reachable by bus tho, and subarban railway(named proastiakos)

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