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app for android

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Can not recieve a geocache from the official site by using "send to my phone" to my GeocachingApp-the app works when using the phone as modem. What´s wrong..?

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I can't answer your question, but this might make your life easier! if you have a smartphone, (not sure about iphones this if for droids)

Go to the app store and upload C:geo. this is a free app and works with geocaching.com and other caching sites. and GPS Status (also free) it works with C:geo for a radar. After you have uploaded these and imput your log in information for geocaching.com. this app will work for you just like the internet site (pretty much.)


To get started after uploading these apps you need to turn your GPS on on your phone and open the GPS Status app and calibrate your phone (click menu and select tools). Be sure to do this outside and not near a running car. (not sure why but i guess a running car messes it up). After that is done, close the GPS app, and open the c:geo app. it will log you in and you can click on live map. this will show you all the caches near you, ones your have found and ones you have hid (smiley faces and all!).


Find one on the map and click on it. it will open a box and you can click on more details. The next screen will give you the cache info, scroll over and you have the infomation page and hint section, the next page is the log page and the following is images if any have been taken. When you go back to the main page, click your menu button, you will see options one is radar, click that when you are at the cache location and it will get you withing 10 feet of the cache.

We use the live map while driving around and when one pops up, we open the cache and read the details and logs, when we get there we open the radar. When we find it, I log the find right then and there on my phone while my hubby signs the log sheet in the cache. and done!

So simple and so easy.

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