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Personal Cache Note in App?

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Hi All,


It's been a while since I used the official app on android, having switched to Locus last year, however, with the update I am thinking about switching back to the official app again (where mobile signal is good, official app still has no function for offline maps as far as I can see).


However, one feature I seem to remember liking about the official app was that if you put co-ordinate in the personal cache note box on a cache page, the app would automatically add any co-ords you put in the box as a waypoint. This was awesome for putting solved puzzle co-ords in and having them there ready for out in the field. But I can't see that feature anymore or even anyway of viewing the personal cache note in the app.


Am I confused and thinking of another app? Or has that functionality been removed from the official app?


Thanks, Russ

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I don't ever remember seeing that in the official app. It exists (and is my very favorite feature!) in Neongeo.

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