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Not a USGS Benchmark, is it?


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To answer the title question, obviously it was not placed by USGS, USC&GS, or NGS, but rather is a benchmark placed by Clark County. They had the option of collecting their data in accordance with NGS procedures and adding it to the NGS data base.


If you click on "nearby benchmarks" you will find some other Clark County disks with 5-digit designations that were in the NGS data base when Geocaching took their snapshot around 2001. See for instance

http://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=RD4255, number 16391


I don't see 16499 (nor 16488 in case I read it wrong the first time) in that list. Neither do I find it in the current NGS list. The county probably only went to the trouble of submitting data to NGS for a fraction of their benchmarks. Even so, there are a lot of benchmarks in the NGS list within a very few miles of that location.

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