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Coin missing for almost 3 yrs found!


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Went to A Special Memory (GCQ596) In Las Vegas. To cache only. Saw a nice geocoin and figured I would take it back North to Washington State with the wife and I. I had to grab it from the previous holder as it was not logged into the cache. Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was last logged in at an archived cache in Berlin Germany back in September of 2010. Hopefully it does not go missing again. I may have to see if I can find this coin for my collection (small as it is).

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Nice, this is always bonus.


Last fall, I picked up 2 coins, something I don't do often - I grabbed them because I was pretty sure neither was logged into the cache and it doesn't see many visits.


I dumped the ammo can on the ground, hoping to find a working pen or pencil, and instead, among the soggy rusty geo-junk, come up with 2 geocoins. Cleaned up cache, left the pencil stub I found buried in my bag, and rescued the 2 coins.


Sure enough BOTH had long since been marked missing - 2 years 7 months for one, and right at 3 years for the other. Both Marked Missing from European caches.


One of them had started in Florida, pretty close to where I found it, been taken to London UK on its first move, marked missing from that cache. Likely picked up by a novice, who never logged the grab. It wouldn't surprise me if it had been in that remote and rarely visited ammo can for most of the time. That coin owner sent me a "thank you" email. It could have sat there another several years, had I not dumped the can contents. It's been moving pretty well now since.


The other is in the hands of the person who grabbed it after my drop, "visiting" it from cache to cache for the last 9 months.

I guess this is okay with coin owner, who is still active.

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