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how to add geocaches to Magellan Explorist 310

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Stupid question, sorry - first time using a gps device


but how do I add geocaches?


when I checkmark the geocaches, and click "download waypoints"

it opens up a download bar at the bottom of my screen,

If I press "open" - it cannot find a program to open the file with,

and when I press "save" - I don't know which folder to save it under with the device.

The "geocaches" folder under the device doesn't work.


thanks for having pity on me

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When you checkmark the geocaches on the list and download the waypoints - that's all you're getting - just the LOC file which doesn't give you any more information about the cache other than the name and the coordinates.


Since you're a premium member, what you'd likely want to do is run a pocket query. Here's some info from the Help Center about how to do it: Creating Your First Pocket Query.


When you run a pocket query, you can get all the information (description, coordinates, hint, past 5 logs, etc.) for up to 1000 geocaches at once. When you download a pocket query, you'll get a zipped file. Unzip it, and you'll end up with two GPX files - one of the caches, and one of the associated waypoints. Drag and drop the cache file into the "Geocaches" folder on the Magellan, and drag and drop the waypoints file into the "Waypoints" folder.

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