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Garmin GPSMAP 62S Point Logging


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I was wondering if there is a way to effectively "pause" the point logging feature on the 62S? I need to log 2-4 second intervals (plotting mountain grades). I also need to rely on the altimeter accuracy, so I prefer to not turn off the unit once it is calibrated.


Sometimes it is not convenient or safe to stop and save the points log to a track at the end of the course, and it is sort of time consuming to clear the accumulated erroneous data to resume with logging wanted data. And I don't want it logging a bunch of erroneous data that will have to be stripped out later if I don't stop it in a timely manner via a saving of the track process.


A pause and resume logging feature would be nice if anyone from Garmin checks in here.


Thanks in advance

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Go onto the 62/78 Wiki and ask about using the "Stopwatch" function in conjunction with track logging.


If you're looking for accurate data, then you need to know up front that "elevation" is the Least accurate axis of the GPS, and also ,so many things affect the accuracy of the altimeter data that it becomes only useful for relative comparison.

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The relative feedback of the altimeter is all I'm looking for. I can later determine if a global modification of the log file altitude data is in order as I can compare the logged max elevation to the documented peak elevation, and if there is a 50 foot difference, I can add or subtract 50 foot across the entire log.


I will try turning the track log feature on/off in the menu as a means of pausing and resuming the feature on demand. And will look into the stopwatch feature as a possible solution. Thanks

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