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taking over from geocaching.com?


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Has anyone seriously thought of taking over from geocaching.com as the 'place' to log benchmarks, since they do no updates from NGS? Preferably this would be done with agreement form geocaching.com so that we could get their current database of logs and so they could direct users to the new site.


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Waymarking is part of the same operation as geocaching. It does provide a place for users to add marks that are not in the 2000 NGS snapshot, but that isn't quite as good as getting a fresher data base integrated with the benchmark logging system. It appears the latter is unlikely.


The economics don't favor any improvement for benchmark hunters. Given that most threads here draw only a few hundred views (does that include repeats by the same people?), and the site records a few thousand logs per year, it isn't a big draw for advertising support.


Any other operation that wanted to host the benchmarking data base and logs would have expenses in the thousands of dollars per year, even if labor was donated. With low advertising draw, memberships in a benchmark-only site attract a modest number, and would have to be somewhat expensive.


On a side note, I see that the benchmark top level page http://www.geocaching.com/mark/ shows we just passed the 20% point - one in five marks in the geocaching snapshot have been logged.

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Considering that there are over 750,000 benchmarks in the U.S.(in the geocaching snapshot), 20% is quite an impressive number of logs(20% of 750,000 is 150,000). There are not a large number of people logging benchmarks, so 150,000 actually seems quite high.

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no wonder found logs aren't showing up. finding the link on geo.com is darn near impossible! when you click on "benchmarks" you go to the link with your stats AND they are't listed with the trackables either. i've all but given up!

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