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what condition event must have to get published

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Hi everyone.


I'm not newbie in Geocaching, I play it over 3 years now, but still not sure one thing:


I've studied guidance, especially event section (http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx#event) and I haven't found any hard restriction about setting geocaching events.


My question is: Can reviewer archive event listing because event take place at the same time as other geocache event (other geocache game).(there is open-air restaurant with fishing lake, really is quite big area, but I expect no more than 15-20 geocachers).


Is Power of rewievers unlimited? If he can't found something in guidelines, can he make decision beacuse he think that this should be prohibited?

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If your event is being held at the same time and place as an event listed on another geocaching service, I would not expect Groundspeak to allow a cross listing.


They do NOT attempt to control cross listing of physical caches, but they have been reluctant to allow Geocaching.com listings to be used when events are also being published on other geocaching sites.


The relevant part of the guideline is this, "If an event is already organized outside of the geocaching community, and/or it would take place regardless whether or not it is listed on Geocaching.com, it is likely not an event cache."


An event which has already been published on one of the other geocaching sites will take place whether or not it is listed on Geocaching.com. Many reviewers would not notice, not knowing about the other event listing, but yours did.



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